Carjacked Rating: 5/10 (3,761 votes)
Director: John Bonito
Writer: Michael Compton / Sherry Compton
Stars: Maria Bello / Stephen Dorff / Connor Hill…
Duration: 89 min
Genre: Crime / Thriller
Released: 05 Jan 2012 (Kuwait)
Plot: The divorced Lorraine Burton is an insecure woman that raises her seven year-old son Chad alone and without money. Her ex-husband Gary is a former military that went in court martial and presses Lorraine to take Chad for him. One day, Lorraine stops her car in a gas station after her therapy to buy frozen pizzas for Chad and her. When she returns, the bank robber Roy carjacks them and heads to Tijuana, Mexico with Lorraine and Chad. Along their journey, Lorraine tries to protect Chad from the psychopath Roy. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil