They Came Together

They Came Together Rating: 5.5/10 (19,308 votes)
Director: David Wain
Writer: Michael Showalter / David Wain
Stars: Paul Rudd / Amy Poehler / Bill Hader…
Duration: 83 min
Genre: Comedy / Romance
Released: 05 Sep 2014 (UK)
Plot: In New York City, couple Joel and Molly are having dinner with their couple friends, Kyle and Karen. In the general discussion of their respective relationships and how they met, Joel and Molly, in telling their story, say that it is exactly like a corny romantic comedy. The story they end up telling not only has every romantic comedy cliché thrown in, but it is told in the style of a romantic comedy, complete with crazy characters who should be smarter to figure out a smoother path to a happy ending for Joel and Molly. But that one romantic comedy element that is the big payoff may not be reality, or perhaps it is. Written by Huggo